8:15am Starting day with a letter to Karl.  Now into the AE world.

Where do I go with it.  How do I do something different?  Those questions from my friend in Marketing still provoking me.  

How do I become a master prospector?  By prospecting.  Writing more directed notes, I know.

Cup of coffee now, my first.  Class last night still in the lines of my sight and cognition – Henry upstairs moaning, think big kids are up but now way to no for sure.  Hope they are, class starts soon.

28 degrees outside the phone says.  Had to do a double-take and write that sentence over again, without comas… how?  28 DEGREES?  Now 29.. they keep pushing back the rain.  Was 11, then 12, now 1.

Everyone up.  Just put a dime and penny that was on the surface of this desk for I don’t know how long into the jar, then I look at all the receipts.  Symbols and suggestions everywhere. 

Go where there’s money when prospecting.  Yes… bigger, ENTERPRISE prospects and possibilities.  You’re in the Enterprise division, right?  The concept of “Enterprise” seems superficial and a bit stuffy at first, but it’s formulaic, a formula… more.