Landed one appointment.  Then more prospecting.  Call in 21 minutes with appointment set yesterday, with Sales Engineer.  This one is promising.  Need to queue up screen and specs before call.  Actually let me do that now.  Will come back to page when done.

Made more appointments and started a couple other conversations.  Good day in the AE sea, overall.  Rain finally arriving, but not that atmospheric whatever that was promised, at least not in my mind.  When I think “atmospheric river” I think like a rain assault.  Anyway, it’s raining either way.  Blinds open and looking at soaked streets.

Then I feel stuck.  Nothing in head and nothing to write, no ideas.  What would I tell the English 5 students.  Who knows anymore.  Where are the books I ordered?  Shouldn’t they be here by now?  Still at the desk, looking at how cluttered this one is now, compared to the little corner table at which I used to work.  More space on this surface yes but I made quick work of it.  Throw away the receipts, then the latte cup, a paper towel… a couple coins to the jar.

Back to not being able to write, even though I’m writing.  Could use a glass of that Pinot I opened last night, then maybe something else.  I’m tired of Pinot.  Everyone one I buy, then take home to taste, results in me saying, “Oh yeah that’s Pinot…” Am I sinking back into that wine funk?  Guess I’ll find out tonight, with whatever I buy at Bottle Barn.