4:11, closing the day.

Nothing happening in the way of prospecting except for that Engineering guy from Oakland, and the call earlier with my SE.  The interruptions today didn’t bother me as much as they did yesterday.  Kept self in note-taking beat for most of the day, making a handful of calls.  Know next week is short, so the aim will be planting seeds like some say or as I do ‘lighting conversations’, building and contributing to community.

Not sure how the all-counties shutdown will impact my AE beat, and I don’t care.  Honestly I’m done with the pandemic.  I acknowledge it’s there and I can’t go out and canvass, but that’s about it.  I’m going to continue to start conversations and introduce myself as a contact, resource, person to talk to about communications and connectivity.

Saw my quota percentage for the month so far.  Think it read 117%. So why do I feel like I do, like I’m not getting anything, like I’m not doing enough… Think ‘cause I’m not generating enough of my own leads.  The guy who called me today is one that I can for certain say I started on my own, the conversation.  Need to amplify that, and I think I know how.  Writing notes on a small yellow pad to my right.

4:19, nearly time for a glass.  Starting with that Balletto Rose I think.  Write every thought down for the AE story, make Bottledaux paramount in its posture.  More ideas written, finding stories and humor in sales, in me and how much I stress… and at 117% for the month!  What the fuck am I stressing about?  Start the 2021 conversation… the reality of internet usage, remote working.  All notes to self on little yellow page.  Wine, its industry, those hospitality principles that are taught and emphasized so much but rarely enacted, I make my most consistent of consistencies in my AE story.

Another note… see being an Account Executive as much more than just being that, the title.  Really, I don’t even need to be, and shouldn’t be, talking about it on this post. Why, everyone knows what I do, so…. The story, learn others’ stories.

Kids upstairs getting ready for a drive with their mother to see some xmas lights from the car, driving by slow.  I’ll be here, finally that rare gem and essence of quiet.  Alone, writing, music, wine, ME.  Big kids come down singing, saying how they’ll read comic books in the car.  Just enjoying their day, not stressed about quote or marketing, canvassing, territory, nothing like that. I envy it.  Being a kid.  Be more kid-like, another note.

Going to store in a bit I think.  Don’t want to drink through my Lancaster too fast, and also just want to go for a drive.  MUSIC.  My paramount pursuit..

Not wanting the day to close.  Keep going I say to myself, no sounds in house as they walk to car, get Henry buckled in, secure in the gray half-egg of a car seat.  I won’t close the day, rather keep it open.  Use everything for this AE story, the MY business and office after.  Next year, all these notes forming and becoming actual, something material.  “Be a kid!” I write again.  Play with ways to generate leads, use everything for the ‘About EVERYTHING’ story.  Huh, nearly forgot that, my new AE definition.  What do I write?  Everything.  What do I write about?….