Worried I haven’t been writing enough, or posting enough.  So….  I inventory everything.  Write the steps that brought me to a certain point….

This morning: wake, help get kids out door, go get $5.75 4-shot latte (paid cash), then back home.  Distracted for a bit then here at the keys.  Starting calls in a couple minutes.  Prospecting…. That is the block for some in sales and business.  Why… why do we let it block us, or stall us.  Why are some of us afraid or skittish when it comes to calling?

Oh, also this morning did budget.  Or, some of it.  Wrote two checks, and tracking spending.  Will work from cash during the week, allowance I set for self and go from there.

And more than anything, ever, as I always say and admit even when ashamed….  WAKE EARLIER.  Not to workout, but write.  Workouts are now indefinitely allocated to middle of day (lunch), or after 5.

Now, sitting, remembering I also recorded a voice message for 1A students while waiting in that line for the latte.


8:56…. First call will be to…..  That business in Petaluma.  Then I’m just going to look for architects, engineers, construction and commercial builders.  For some reason, I see myself going into that business.. spec houses, and flipping houses, buying and selling.  Maybe getting a real estate license.  Hmmmm….. inventorying and logging these ideas, visions of a vineyard and vineyard property.  Properties.

Nearly that time.  Take sip of latte.  Say to self, and note….  “Make this something else….” Not just my AE story, but everything.  The latte, my wine business… writing, being a parent or son, brother or anything else.

9AM.  To the runway….