Made calls, taking break.

Latte done.  Want more coffee but none in house. Great.

Switch to water, since I’ll be on bike around noon.

House so quiet I can hear my own heart, or I think I can.

Keeping with my inventory of day…. What I’m doing, where I am and what I’m doing… how I connect with the minutes and hours, the seconds.

Smoke outside is repugnant.  Think the AQI is in the 200 range.  Don’t want to be one of those 2020 complainer or jokester people, but I’m turning into one.  I mean, honestly, what is it with this year?  Why?  And not just covid.  If you took covid out it’d still be odd.

10:18, back in the chair in ten minutes or so.  Back to calling and grading leads given to me by department.  Forcing self to do it.  These leads, or most of them, are weak.  Not sure how much research was put into them, or if it’s just a list of addresses compiled in our network’s territory.  Well, think I can answer than for myself.

Have to do dishes.  Which I like, if you must know.  Given to be an odd and unexpected meditative ritual.  Anything for a working dad, for mental and being composition… for the writing.

Told self to stop using ellipses.  Get annoyed with myself when I do.  Even bugs me sometimes when HST did it in Fear & Loathing.  I’m not HST, I know.  Just a thought I wanted to log.

Day 20-something in the 365.  Can’t remember where exactly and too lazy to get up and check.  This morning has me in a new rhythm, new music and frame of production.