Back from a run, lunch here at home and quick trip to store to get fruit and sparkling waters.  Five miles on run today, and not pleased with time but at peace with the distance.

Make a couple calls, then I think wrap the day a bit early.  Need to call a CPA guy in my leads group.

Both journals on lap, noted how the owner of the cleaning company we use for our house made a very rare appearance today to do the cleaning himself alongside one of his reps.  He was more gracious, friendly as he always is, asking me “Any special requests?” I asked if he could clean the kid hand prints off the glass of the back door that leads to the patio.  I told him if that was outside the scope of work or not included in house cleaning then I’d be happy to do it.  He said with no pause or reluctance that he himself would clean both sides of the glass.  I thanked him, then thought more about his simple question, of any special requests.  Then the metaphor of cleaning… and with what I do, with internet and phone, cleaning up the connectivity and functionality of a business.

Emma upstairs playing in her room, I believe with her dollhouse and legion of stuffed animals.  She just plays, doesn’t think.  I’ve written about this before, how I should do the same when prospecting, getting on the phone and calling.  Made a handful of calls this morning, and about to make another couple.

Cup of coffee, about to brew.

Mask on desk, reminding me of the world now, how it’s nothing like it was even at the beginning of 2020.  Going to the store, driving, even sitting here… I should be in the Field, visiting businesses or working from a coffee spot.  But I’m not.

What phase are we in?