About to make calls.

Writing about wine later.

Run today, 6.3 miles, right after lunch and before getting Jack early.  Yesterday’s 5, can still feel.  Sipping coffee now, just wading into day.  Emma up, Jack just taken to his summer camp.  Hoping I get a contract sent out today and returned early next week.

More coffee to be soon needed.  Emma coming downstairs, “Dada, can I have some breakfast?” She says from the stairwell behind me.

Couple hours later I’m done with calls.  About to have a conference call with Engineer and prospective client that said he wants to move forward.

Stomach speaking to me, but it knows I’m not a breakfast chap.  Solution, more coffee.

IDEA, of a play.  For stage.  Tasting Room-centered, all the weird shit that happens in there.

Slug-like, have to wake up.  Not able to think of much to write or report.  Just sit here typing on the startup laptop on my lap hoping it will START something for day.

Paid, but no commission on this check.  Maybe that’s what has me in this thought-sludge.  Haven’t written in my wine book in days, and with how I’m feeling now with the hunger, and the disconnect….  Then it lands.  The idea.  MUSIC.  Again, music…. My music.

After the call I’ll write something.

Emma watching a kids show, just for a bit.  I’ll make coffee, now, before call…

Coffee made.  Will get some kind of breakfast after this.  Maybe an omelet from up the street.  Just thinking about it makes my stomach speak and sing to me, asking me why I’ve deprived it as I have.

Need to change office arrangement in here.  I’ve said that before, but I think this corner is beginning to be an impediment.  I need to be on the couch, or moving around.  Charge phone for the latter.  Manage moods, create more narrative scapes… wine, running, parenting.

10:27… time for call.

11:23.  Call done, then made another and got an appointment out of it.  Coffee being sipped, hunger diminished.  Not sure I’ll get out for a run today.  Will do in early morning, mañana….  Love that part of Kerouac’s book…. tomorrow, tomorrow…. No work now, just life.

But I want to work.  I want to build my business, awareness, writing and creative in multiple dimensions.  How else to do that but keep writing, keep noting everything.  A project out of waking early, preparing it with a few notes— I know I’m all over the place, but that’s my style and page strut.