Heading out to Sonoma for meeting with winemaker whose as well the winery owner.  Small label.  Not sure how many cases.  Looking forward to the drive, the meeting and tasting of course but I’ve promised myself a bit of a treat today, of driving around and looking at houses.  While this Autumn Walk dwelling is quaint, nice, suitable now, there need be more space and more property for us.  And, frankly, for me.  I need my own office, not just a fucking small desk in the corner somewhere downstairs.

While getting ready, I saw a house.  Not sure if was an actual one I’d seen before or just something I drew in my head.  But I’m more after real estate than I ever have been before.  Houses, how they’re made, what they look like…. The architecture, so on and so…

When back home, hopefully some time with babies and writing.  Just jots in the journal, then form pieces out of those.  The wine cellar note just a minute or five ago.. designing a house…. A house off the Healdsburg Square.  Like a wish list from which I pick.  And I can have anything I want.  My own genie, I say.

Sip coffee…. Kids watching some cartoon.  Not a regular Saturday cartoon but something selected on Netflix.  Crazy they know how to navigate that.

Bring journal, ben… both phones.  THAT’S WRITE, I have to call that IT person in San Rafael…