After tasting and meeting this morning I’m in a startup mode.  To start anything, smoething, multiple somethings.  Every business idea and writing direction just act.  Don’t think.

At KIN waiting for lunch order—Cobb for Melissa, cheese pizza and veggies for kids, pesto chicken sandwich, and fries which I shouldn’t have ordered, for me—sipping a Racer 5 at one of the tall tables and playing with direction, ideas, publishing, saying to myself “I can bring to life anything I want…” So I walked out seeing this, me sitting on the floor of my “office” at home sipping a coffee and writing everything out…. Each step… the wine blog shop… running tomorrow morning, business on prospecting, consulting in the wine industry specifically for their hospitality efforts and growth, the experience when someone visits…. Among other tells and realities.

Kids upstairs playing.  Hear them now jumping around our room.  I know this morning that I was different, that I was thinking about houses and real estate in a way I haven’t before.  Start something, something that will produce and generate and contribute to tother projects….  GOT IT.  Hospitality division of the vvv blog.  Consulting ideas, no charge, and if booked then write invoice.

I’ll be in the Caddis tasting room next weekend, both days.  Writing observations, ideas, not that I have to do everything I’m writing, but just to be in that character place, mind and frame.  Wine ….. still so much part of my thinking, what I think of before other movements and motions.  What I compare things to, experience-wise…. All the stress from the industry then all the education, all the writing material…. All the people from everywhere in the world I’ve met. One group I’m thinking of, group of students from multiple countries…. India, The Philippines, Kenya.  Everything from wine, all about that, that puddle you pour into the glass then into YOU.