6/12/20 – Day 14

At coLAB.  Tired.  Just yawned and rubbed eye right.

Mailed proposal to prospect, not sure I’ll hear back today.

About to send more letters.  Hoping to get out 10…

An hour on bike.  Never done that before, on my own as I did listening to my playlist which now after the workout has me even more into music.  More on music later, but my legs still sing the revolutions from the ride.  And I’m tired, more so than from a run.  Did I discover something new about myself?  

Forgot I brought my headphones…. Putting in.  Thievery… writing to beats, echos, effects I’ve heard dozens if not hundred of times with these tracks but today is different.  All from that bike ride…. Want to wake early tomorrow and do another.  No interest in running.  Funny, don’t say that so often, not like I am now.  I didn’t think, I just cued the playlist and rode.  That was it.

It was that simple…. Still in AE mode, but thinking of the week coming.  San Rafael.  Hand out cards, or leave them on desks, counters…. More mobility and visibility.  I keep thinking, and I know that’s an obstructor.  I just stop…. Like that.  More than a cold turkey thing, anything like that.  The song playing now from the Saudade album, La Force de Melodie… on a deck looking out at some waves, Pacific or Caribbean I don’t know, but I don’t want to leave.  I stay in music, with wine, scribbling  and letting the thinking carve and sculpt whatever it wants.  Like last night with the Chardonnay… Haven’t written that freely in a I don’t know how long…. Everything has to be FREE, FREEING… note in journal’s page for day.

Thinking of wine again, the blog and shop eventual.  What I want to sip tonight… more Westwood?  Not pressuring self with decision.