Back from a Starbucks run with little Emma.  At desk.  First thing, budgeting and money movement.


#prospectesk note … When you transact, do you just transact and acknowledge the numbers? OR, do you study what you did… how you interacted with your prospect, how you found a point or points of connection?

When the contract is signed, is it really all done? Or is that the opportunity to begin a new facet and arrangement in your sales practice?

Ready for my day of organization and going through old leads.  Will be sending out one contract which I hope comes back by EOD….  Going to start writing a sales notebook… not a “coaching” tool, or a how-to… just a sales story compilation, notes.

Into calls, made handful.  Submitted contract, looking through business cards.  Taking a break… Coltrane playing from phone, left… quiet house.  How do I want to approach the next hour, and the one after that, the one after….

Call at 2pm.  Done with latte.  That does it for caffeine, for the day… no coffee in house.

Just off phone from a nice call, nice guy working for the big Art Gallery collective on 4th, San Rafael.