2:22pm.  Working on patio.

Didn’t get wine.  Some sushi, milk, sandwich for Melissa, and fruit.

Perfect day to be on patio.  Watching Jackie ride his bike, light prospecting…  I really just need to be in the field.  But I can’t… so I post what I can to say what I can… sales now forces creativity  Spoke to another AE earlier today saying he needs to be walking around to make money.  Not that I disagree, but I don’t agree either.

Jack goes inside, hear him calling for his mother, for something.  Looking up and seeing his bike parked on sidewalk in front of house.

Now Emma out with me, eating a blueberry muffin.  Jack asks if he can ride his bike with one of the kids from the block.  He promises he’ll keep his social distance of 6 or whatever it is now feet.  I tell him go ahead.  Thinking he’s served his time.  Consider this a temp release.

Bought some Maximus, Lagunitas, while at Oliver’s… sounds amazing right now.  Especially the more the kids talk to me, and this other kid I don’t really know.