Methodology in the Creative 

IMG_0102.jpgIt could be asserted that there is personal, and business, or occupational.  For sakes of this paper, we’ll speak both.  But, both are unified by exploratory urge, finding what works and doesn’t.  What contributes to a project most optimally.  What communicates the identity of the brand, yes, but as well the intention of both brand and product, or service.  In promulgating creative reality, there should be a unifying truth, identity.  Whether you’re creating for self or a client, which should be considered mirroring, the creator ought always seek.  Not just new truth and method, but for the act itself.  I’ve always seen creative as a reflection of where you are, what you’re doing and what you see.  You become a Seer of creative and translator of its denotative and connotative.  I too often hear writers and other creatives grieve that they’re blocked, that they don’t know what direction to take their work.  Again, for both concave and convex intention, you use what you have.  Where you are, what you’re doing, the energies that immediately surround you.  That’s the methodology.  In the Now.

Clients, in my experience, want candor.  The communication and relationship perpetuated and effectuated with honest creative compulsion.  Trying new momentums and new sights, arrangements of words and images, recording, the lively manuscript.  For a project to be alive and enlivening to attract business, there need be a certain wildness of energy.  I’m not arguing you need to immediately know where you’re going with your creative shift, but the energy needs to be recognized and appreciated.  I’m being not just truthful and transparent, but eagerly candid.  Disclose your character as a creator.  Your creative reality.

Whether personal, form you… Business and occupational, the creative is YOU.  Where you are, what your doing, a compositional climate speaking who you are.  Connectedness… mirroring, your place.  In business, creating for clients and customer bases, the creator should not only “empathize” with audience as so many know-everything speakers spout, but see their audience’s reality as they see their own.  The client’s reality is yours, and creating for you is creating for them.

One idea… Write everything down.  Remind yourself of your methodology, your reason for creating… your truth, your candor, who you are and where you are, why you create.  Narrate everything, each facet should be a stage presence.  My methodology, ideology and empirical philosophy self-begets in the creative act.  Sitting down to write, taking the picture, designing the blog, the very conversation with a prospect.  There’s no need to embellish any movement or parcel, morsel of what’s done.

Creative always starts in singularity, one idea or word.  From there communication precipitates.  On the creator’s part this takes practice and discipline, of course, staying honed in the singularity of it all.  And as a reward for discipline, the creation, fruition, see and feeling the tangible of creative act, be it for a personal project or a client’s campaign.

Identity and creative pulse are two personifications form a vision helix.  That is, how you create punctuates your identity as a creator and Seer.  You see creating, translate the act through your projects and devotion.  In creating, you perpetually re-create the act of creating.  For pieces personal, or for client… you’re creating.  The creation creates more of you and your understanding and met-methods in the creative.