A wine shop… me. 

IMG_1514Started a 365-day countdown a while back, but don’t know where I am in it.  Wine and business, e-commerce, wine chats… so many ideas in my head now for my wine life and story, the books I’ve written and will write.

Need a vineyard walk.  Need to breathe.  Not be around any humans this morning, as I’m sure today will be mad at the winery, Memorial Day and all—  Or, maybe people will just stay home and not come out, they’ll bbq, drink Coors and watch some football game.  I mean, baseball.  And that was an honest error, I meant baseball.

39, tomorrow.  Found where I am in store countdown.  164/365.  Need to intensify everything and get some wine books in circulation, speak somewhere, be more zen and wake up earlier to write.

Need my vineyards… my ever-promising and promised vineyards.  They’ll tell me what to do.