11:31.  Lunch.  But no lunch.  Writing, from winery. 

In office.  No people around me just me and the room, office, the jazz and no earphones.  Took early so I can be in not at all distracted character throughout day.  Pouring the reds, every one I can find.  Have most if not all out, but not all yet opened.  Walked to the SB lot, a few moments ago, and taking more and more wined notes in tasting room in between conversations with co-worker.  Tasting room… focusing on the bar and seats, what I’ll say.. how to describe the wines but just talking to the people about their lives, their stories and what brought them in.

Tonight reconnecting with the wines I bought yesterday evening, the Mendocino Chard and of course the Grenache.  I speak of all wines when I write about wine.  MY writing on wine doesn’t have to be so wine-to-wine oriented, but just one wine itself.  Yes, in part defining it but as well just wandering in the idea of wine, reconnoitering its reality while reiterating mine within it.  Here in the tasting room, or walking the vineyard as I did just a little bit ago.

22 minutes left in my “break”, where I choose to work and write more on wine’s idea, principle concept and surrounding character, concept, its indelible ideology.  Wine accentuates time, reminds us of what we’re here to do.  Live.  That’s what I hold from wine’s persisting lesson, live, regret not a thing, and learn from everyone and every object and scene and shape around you.  Even this office, composed of cubicles and a cold windows with blinds lowered.  Can hear the outside wind as I’ve before written, but it doesn’t take or give much to my already punctuated intent.  Wine… defining her and better understanding her.  I know I veer from the feminine specificity, but now, I see her and all her deified direction intones.  Wine has me here for so many reasons.  Not sure it’s singular, or perhaps so.  Either way, I evaluate my present, my music in this moment with music in the office, finally away from people talking to me and the noise of that coffee shop.  Haven’t tasted a thing, today, so far.  Curious how the Pinot speaks.  As well as the Cabernet.  But, not in the mood to sip, yet.  Day starting slow, giving the writer and invitation to look further into himself in the tasting room.  Me, at the winery, thinking of my wined story… Need to get other new wines, but have to finish the bottles I last night bought.

Only see self traveling, for my shop as well as my wined mss.  Right now, in this office, meditation needed.  Where will my shop and office be, I wonder.  And, when do I open, when do I close, how do I set up, how many people do I want working with me?  All logical questions, but it’s as well silly to wonder so much right away, today, a day where wine needs more my focus in definition and conceptual excavation rather than what’s ahead.  The shop is now.. my day’s past today ARE today.  Wine has everything with me, now.