Newness Addiction and Dealing

Struggling to wake.  Literally fighting my self and sleep.

But I eventually make my way off the couch— sleeping there as Emma requested be with Mama.  At kitchen counter and thinking about something a manager said yesterday about a billionaire businessman.  “…You know, he didnt’t befome one of the richest people in the world by waking up at eleven… this guy gets up at six every morning…” I take a deep glug of the coffee I made last night, now cold, and charge into my day.  06:21.  Not billionaire time but close.  Or not that close but…  Today is a Self-motivating Fire and fest, where I will negate the concept of ‘best’.  Why and how— As I’ll always outdo myself from here forward.  Only words, my photos, my self-propelling sentences.  Slept well last night as ready for this day at the winery where we are to clean up post-fuego.  I don’t imagine us being there too long cleaning, so when the others leave I’ll stay— articles, Words, essays, entries…. more pictures, capture everything I can…. market ME.

Another business blogger I somewhat follow says, or said once in one of his posts, that before working on your brand you need to master yourSELF as a brand, first and with the most ferocity.  Those are actually my words but translating the essence of what he intoned.  That’s what today is all around revolved.

Deep pour into core, my coffee nearly done.  Thinking like a billionaire.  Not that I want to be one, necessarily, but the mentality and work practice and correct vortex, methodology is a boon.  Especially at this point in my existential graph.

Nothing niche in this thought composition, anatomy.  My time still in its respective velocity and cosmos.  I’m going to do and attain and persist in everything I envision and summon, today and ALL days.

Only cluster shot from yesterday. Fruit still on vine, fruit still to harvest, pick, another obvious nudge from my story.