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…just enjoy your coffee.  Stress is so conceptual, I’m finding these past 24 hours or so.  The whole time at work yesterday, or maybe not the whole time but much of it and even when in front of my students, while lecturing, I was so preoccupied and punctured by what I had to do last night… what I had to write, what I was having for dinner.  I was stress about all around me, even what wasn’t around me.  Haven’t felt quite that way before.  And no, I didn’t have any wine to relax or rid myself of those nerves.  Last night was a no-wine night.  I wanted that feeling to remain so I could study it, and know how to deal with it, write about it later which I now am.  Tonight, with my mountain of loving laundry, I will do touch-and-go’s on the bottles I pick, probably form Bottle Barn.  No work for the writer today, but I have to accomplish something with this day.  Set of, sequence of, continents of, wine snapshots… and they could be short (for book)… just people tasting, the couple in yesterday from New England, for wife’s birthday, beautiful 40-something woman named Jessica, with her husband, sweet man named Jeff whom had everything planned for her.  They were headed to Calistoga where they were set to spend a couple more nights at some resort.  Can’t remember the name but just her excitement to taste more wine and stay somewhere in Napa Valley surrounding by everything wine and wine people, wine professionals and traveling wine consumers like her reminded me to focus on wine frames— the pictures, the visuals.  You don’t need much for a book, believe me.  Yesterday itself was a book, me driving the people from Southern California—around Santa Barbara somewhere—around the Roth property and seeing the first signs of Véraison, grapes changing colors and he not too frantic about taking pictures but his wife, also out for birthday, couldn’t get enough angles and enough closeup shots…

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