note —

Iced coffee.  Someone sits next to me, and my mood falls.  Today and this week is about doing something different.  Doing several things differently.  Focus on me, my work, what I’m doing, and throw myself to this new assignment.  Last night’s wines told me something about wine… that I need observe more, more others tasting than myself actually tasting.  Taking a break from wine, a long break, I’ve always entertained but never actuated.  How would I react?  How would my character be influenced?  Guess I’ll find out…. I’ll learn more about me and the writer I want to be.. closer to travel, seeing everything in the world.  The man next to me disappears but it still there… magic of focus and a project, something to write… this whole day will serve as the day’s lecture, for tonight, class…

Tirelessly attack your goals and curiosities…. Kerouac and Plath, my focus authors…. both having poetic thought anatomies, but so wrapped in stories and storytelling.  Exhibiting tireless flight, even in their burdens, the crosses, their emotional and vice-formed anchors that slow and propel their movements in musical tandem.

Iced coffee… should have ordered a mocha.  But I’ve ordered that too many times, prior, on other coffee & composition mornings.

Observe…. What people say about the wine… how they react to what you say about the wine… how they look walking in… how they survey the decor and atmosphere.  Observe, and do so differently.

Mood takes off.  Cruising altitude quicker than I expected.