Journal de vie du vin —

Home, after errands and getting pulled over by a nice SRPD bloke for partially running a red light which I couldn’t believe I did, and not sure how it happened.  May have just been playing in thought and imagining my eventual vineyard and bottles in club/allocation member hands.  Nice policier, letting me go sans ticket, and shaking my hand wishing me a nice day.  Don’t think that’s ever happened, such a pleasant parting with an officer, but it did today.  And now, I just want to meditate and collect in house, sip this medium roast and eat a blueberry scone wife left behind for her weeklong solitary hubby.

Kieth Jarrett, “When I Fall In Love” playing and I realize that with my subjects, wine and life, I’m more than ‘in love’ and more than focused and contained.  Why was I stressing last night in the whole “Oh what am I gonna write about” pull, push.  Not thinking about that now.  Just listening to and enjoying Jarrett’s notes.  Some reading I want to do in a sec, the wine book Mom bought me for birthday…. OH, and the gift certificate I want to spend at B&N.  Still lots to do today, and I know I can get it all done.

Two bottles bought at Bottle Barn for laundry and wine stay-in, tonight.  One, a Sauv Blanc from Russian River with a 15.1 ABV which I find a bit odd—or no, entirely odd—but am looking forward to tasting it and seeing if or if not the alc’ is massaged and hidden in the wine’s flavor framing.  Bottle 2’s a red blend of some kind.  Was only $15.99 I think and I thought why not…. This bottle, from Napa, has me more than interested and eager to write about its composition and what it says to a wine writer like me.  Excusez-moi… it’s from RRV, bottled in Napa, and a Rhône blend, which I more or less assumed.  An SGM, Syrah-Grenache-Mourvedre tie.  Both, I’m excited to try, and see if the day’s luck continues.

Feels later than it is.  Time current, 11:23.  Feels like 13:00-something.  And I’m still a big groggy.  May not get in a run today, after all.  Won’t let myself stress about it, and I have more to do— like stop by St. Francis Winery to say hello and see how all are doing after CEO Chris’ passing.  Life is curt, abbreviated, and cruel in its curt abbreviation.  So I’m not stopping for anything.  Wine insists I test myself daily with assignments.  In love with the chase for stories.  I’m not just after “material”, or “content”.  Keep moving, I tell myself, “Do what you tell your students to.” Like?  Well, like following through on ideas, keeping things simple… FOCUS.  Any more strays from me, and I’ll myself a fucking ticket.  A journalistic ticket for not following through on my beat, my shift.

Looking at the red blend in from of me.  That name, “Juicy Rebound”, and ‘Rebound’ suggests new stories to me, to look for new intricacies in this new role I’m in.  Guy the other day telling me how he found the first two wines “disappointing” for a ‘Reserve’ flight.  I just nodded my head and poured his a Pinot, then the AV Cabernet.  His facial shape changed, connoting acceptance and agreement, pleasure.  Should have given him a ticket… a tasting room ticket, for acting like a hasty-witted measle.  Not letting his thought break nor enter into my eased echo of zen, here in the kitchen, typing at island counter.