Tried going back to sleep but couldn’t.  But even more than not being able to, the writer didn’t want to–  My thoughts were such I had to answer them.  So I’m up with Jack and my cinnamon-coded coffee.  Today, go by LE and take care of wine orders to be shipped, then writing.  May go to one of the sister properties, have laptop and–  No, go somewhere new.  Today, a wine industry day off, the writer needs Newness.  Make progress in book… yesterday’s page/piece written after class, how I printed it and held it, stared down at it, taught me something.  And funny, that’s what the piece was for, on– education.  This morning I’m learning, or am reminded of, time with my children needs to be a more persistent movement generally, universally.  How, because I work so much, is what I need to calculate.

Let me think some more, just the reason I’m up..