Stressed, and the wine, I can just hear it say— 

“Calm the fuck down!  Everything’s going to be fine!”  Focusing on wine with an intensity that I never before have.  Walked through Bottle barn before coming home, saw a bottle of

I wish…

Williams Selyum Pinot and thought “I’ll just say I drank this, write about it as I do and show people that I’m one of those wine writers that gets to try everything.” But that’s not truth.  Hemingway would not only roll over in his grave but hop out of it and slap me around.  I took a picture of it, and walked away wishing.  So what am I stressed about?  What most adults have in their thoughts always… money.  I’m not broke, but I’m just tight.  You don’t want to hear this.  You’re probably in the same gondola, right?  Exactly.  So I’ll shut up.  Wife and I headed to Windsor for dinner at Kin—  I know, ‘If you’re worried about money, what are you going out to dinner for?’ Not a bad question, but my answer is, “‘Cause we want to.  ‘Cause we work hard and deserve something for ourselves every once in a while.”

I proudly am.

In a minute I will actually open a bottle, one from Dutcher Crossing—  Stuhlmuller Chardonnay, my favorite in their Chard program.  Has this bouncy tropical tease to it.  Hard to explain, but I notice the stress fading, more I talk about wine.  Wine is everything, now.  All my thoughts are in that pedagogical basket.  I should have been more persistent with wine writing, from when I started the first blog back in ’09.  Now look at me, this age, two kids…. Calm down, Mikey.  Open the “Stu’” as we call it at Dutcher, have a glass, and calm down.  Wine will solve everything.  The story will continue to be built, and it catalyzes, this new momentum, with this glass.  Well, once I open the bottle and pour myself one, it starts.  Get up… go in the kitchen and pop it…