Another slight Cab sip—

I got it! I figured out how to make it as a writer.  Want to hear my trick?  Easy…. Okay, you want to hear it?  …. No, can’t, much I want to.  Okay here it is… to just not give a fuck.  Not care at all.  So many tell me, “Watch what you say, this is a small industry.” Wine.  The wine industry.  And?  You want me to be afraid.  You want this writer to bite his tongue.  I’m feeling a new character come about this evening.  One inspired by.. I don’t know… HST… Hem… Plath… Pac…..  Tarantino.  I’m here in my role, after wife said she didn’t want to drive to Windsor, have our dinner date.  So I drink this ‘Lagunitas Sucks’ and hear only dialogue here.  New movie..

Me:  Is there something to this movie?

Me2:  There should be, otherwise why watch—

Me:  Exactly, why watch.

Me2:  That’s what I said.  But now that you said it, it has me thinking more than when I said it in my head.

Me:  Sometimes I have something to say…. Most of the time I just say shit, but it’s not really saying something, like something, you know, significant.

Me2:  Sorry?  I don’t know.. where’s that Cabernet?