Oenotivity (excerpt)

…more times than not when I think of wine or write about it, I’m not addressing it at all.

Just got done teaching a class, we went over Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’, and how the main characters, Duke and Gonzo, just go for it.  They trust their instincts and, yes after drug and alcohol usage with several exponents, just go.  They live.  I threw out the idea that the book was about love.  Yes, a love story.  Students interpreted this several ways but most argued that the love presence was in HST’s emphasis on life, a love and understanding of your story.  Our stories are ever-evolving and build with the people we meet and those we already know.

Last night I popped one of the bottles I brought home after doing some “outreach” in Russian River and bits of Dry Creek.  An Armida Cabernet from the eminently famed Stuhlmuller Vineyard in Alexander Valley, a ways off 128.  Had it with a stir-fry dish my wife made.  Was it a pragmatic pairing, no.  I just wanted to drink it.  The bottle called to me after an enjoyable day feeling like a tourist.  When you’re on the pouring side of the bar, it’s always a beautiful boon to be on the sipper’s side once in a while.  Didn’t sip that much yesterday but I did sensibly sip at Armida and the lady pouring, think her name was Laura, was sweet enough to send me home with a bottle.  The day was positive, the wine was as well, and it told me to stop for a second—