Wine had my mind thrown into its innermost inner-workings when I saw the multiple arguments behind its movements.  Wine told me it was a movement and I was part of it.  I was more than just interested, I wasn’t a wanna-be collector or bottle chaser, I was and am a writer who’s electrified by wine.  Not the intoxication, but the textures and fruit, spice and smoke, leather and vocal layers.  It annoys me when people say, as if to be so profound and pulpit’d, that “wine is alive”.  Well, yeah. Of course it is.  Who would think anything contrasting?  But beyond that, wine gives US life.  I think of that first bottle of Merlot–  I’m returned and thoughtful, or I think I am.  I’m moving with it, wine and its vocals, its music and shades.  I have more to say, but I have a tangent to sip, or say, or pour…  Alive.

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