…thoughts of being out there, in the world, recording.  “For what?” I can already hear someone ask.  “What would you be traveling for?” I don’t know.  But I’d be out there not to just be “out there”.  I’d be writing, recording the demeanor of the hotel, the streets and how the rain sounded and tasted different.

The writing father gets frustrated and he pours himself another glass of that Breathless sparkling.  Blanc de Noir.  Nah… just sipped from bottle.  Don’t want another glass.  Not sure what I want, me getting older and old I am about to turn 38.  Know of a blogger that says to his audiences, “You’re not as old as you think you are.” Uh, yes I am.  If I think I’m old, or a certain age, and I somehow use that to motivate me, then bugger off.  Look at me, old and…. No, I’m not old.  Be outside of character, outside the box.  Remember when I first started teaching…