After 7 mile run,

I’m only in the mood to more move, for my business and my writing/blogging, growing, selling what I want; education, lessons on writing, telling stories…  Just enjoying the meditation now, post-run, so pardon my fervor.  This always happens after a run.  So don’t read too much into it, or read just enough into it so that you see this ardent ME.  So what’s next.. shower, prep for 1A… have not misstepped even once with today’s business plan.  But I need some leads, leads for storytelling, content writing and freelance consulting… tired from run but I’m keeping with my story, the day’s story, running writing father.  Then I go still.. what am I thinking about?  Lost in visions, where I’m going.  Must be the run.  Either way, have to get back to day— and I realize this is boring to read.  Just know the writer isn’t stopping till he has what he wants, till he’s in a position to drastically change life for his family.  That’s my apexing aim in all this.

Hear the train somewhere in the distance.  That train is me.  Not stopping.  I love the chase, but I’m starting to tire.  And I’m supposed to be the tireless writer.

Again, need to do everything different.  Not care as much.  Just write freely.

3:31, back on campus.  Will be walking to room shortly.  Have snack, water, coffee.  Absolutely starved after the run.  Should have had something to eat prior to running, but I’m learning.  This sparkling water is resplendent.  Hear an adjunct, from the shared office, counsel one of her students.  And I quite like her tone.  Gentle, informative and insightful, encouraging.  Not condescending or phony like the ft-er I heard earlier.

Feeling better.  Ready for final 1A meeting, to have them present, read each other’s work, and see where it all goes…  Took 3 deep breaths.  Concise meditation for the writer.  Still on-track with day’s biz plan.  Following this one blogger and I’m splendidly motivated.  The most tireless writer in the world.  That’s how I want to be seen.  And I should be after a day like today.  So happy I fought off that bloody urge to nap.  When I arrived home I shot upstairs and just threw on my running gear.  Need new shoes (self-note).

Off I go to class…  Keep this momentum a new momentum.  THE momentum.