Sipping on a Sauv Blanc, on

couch, finally quiet.  Wellness starts with the mental, so that’s where I need address.  First, my desk.  Everything has to be off, and stay off.  May just take it all to school with me tomorrow morning.  Why not.  Go through everything during office hour.  The writer’s mood this day, odd, off, not downtrodden or saudade, just bland.  But, this improves with this meditation.  Ready for tomorrow morning, and I’m not reaching 6,000 words, I’ve rendered.  8 hours at that winery, how could I.  Woke this morning at 3:33.  Yes, 3:33AM.  When I looked at the clock, time on phone, I stopped, thought, “Is this significant, or coincidence?  STAY AWAKE!” But of course I didn’t.  Right back to dreams—  You know what, reader…  No planning.  Nothing.  Trust the story.  That’s my blueprint.  This orders another glass of the SB.  For this new me.