me:  4/25/16, continuation of the other continuations


A better meeting with the 1A’s than I expected.  Took a picture of the empty classroom… what is it, 1624?  Anyway, there’s something to the empty classroom stage, after a lecture/lesson/meeting’s done.  I can never leave teaching, I realized.  If I’m not at a JC, or university, I will be lecturing independently at one or the other, and online, and privately.  And I don’t want to teach to show I’m some elevated authority, but to exchange ideas where I know how, have some experience and authority.

Back in the quiet of the adjunct cell.  Hear someone talking outside, but I don’t know who and I don’t care.  This is the moment where the writerfatheradjunct collects himself before completely being swept by the parenting role.  Can’t wait, and I mean it’s difficult to stay here and write (much I love the quiet), to see my little Kerouac, hear about his day, have a snack with him.  Be a parent— and I’m thinking, that should be a category on the new blog design.  Yes, it will be.  As I’m learning so much along my parental path and I think that the mere sharing of my observations and challenges could be helpful to new parents, and even more experienced parents.  Who knows. But I’ll find out.

When I first started blogging, it was with the intention to be a wine person, or writer, some wine personality or columnist I guess.  Now, I see that wine is only meant to be a hobby in my life, nothing more.  The worlds that need my written whirls are stages like Fitness and Health, Parenting as I said, Teaching, Photography, and Writing itself.

5:55.  I should leave soon, get home to my little Beats and wife.  See what’s what.  And have something to eat.  Haven’t had a thing since that little sandwich and toast with PB.  May take a longer way home, just to listen to an extra song, meditate, collect as I said.  Be with my own visions and dreams, awarenesses.

Sipping the sparkling water I bought at the bookstore— helps me calm, find Zen, the Equilibrium I’m always thinking about.  And there’s so much in my head lately, being so close to 37 (3 fucking years from 40.. UGH!), and having 2 kids, my wish for my wife to NOT work if she doesn’t want to, for me to travel and take pictures, write.. experience the world and share the stories with my babies as Dad has with me.  He still tells me new stories of some trip he had decades ago, where he heard someone say something, or saw something that shaped his character.

READERS:  How many of you write or/and blog as much as you can, and find it difficult and energizing at the same time?

What was the last thing you wrote?  How long did it take you?

What is a favorite quote of yours?  Why do you keep referring back to it, or remind yourself of it every-so-often?

What would it take to make you feel completely FREE?  And if you’re already there, can you offer some counsel for those of us still trying to acquire such tangible liberation?