a writer:  post 002

9:48 the laptop says, but the phone reads 9:42.  I’ll side with the phone.  Frustrated at the moment and I can’t figure out why.  I think it may have to do with the semester ending but then  I readjust into a more self-aware state and with more honesty, and it’s the novel.  The NaNoWriMo project, and how right now it’s doing what I bloody feared.. just fucking sitting in the laptop, in that doc, in the upper-right corner of my laptop’s intro screen, or desktop.

The coffee down-cools and I do, too.  But I’m still hungry.  That bagel didn’t have a chance ‘gainst this ravenous writer.  Not this morning.  Not this Monday, the this first day of Week 17 (12/7/15, for record).

I’ll print all three pages of today’s effort.  And another thought from the other morning, yesterday morning actually when I couldn’t sleep and wrote those three poems and posted them from phone: EVERYTHING that goes to blog should go to paper.  I love my blogs but they have crypt potential for my writing, just staying there on some fucking screen and never printed, never again read.  Just dead.

Bugger that.