Behind on novel progress, but I don’t care.  I refuse stress after that last assignment, and after this semester.. my next students, next term, will have a bit more emphasis on temperament with writing, and with assignments, more deliberation and meditation before picking up a pen.  Being rushed doesn’t make you a stronger writer, and deadlines that are enforced are lines that truly make you creatively dead, so I say to hell with them.  Write for yourself, and write what you want to read, not what the course outline stipulates and has been negotiated by who knows who.

I’m a new professor after this term, and certainly a stronger one.. so I write on and play in Literature and my own writing as I never had.  These old timer professors, which yes I’ll one day be, are speechless at my boldness– “Oh how dare he, what is he thinking, how can he teach like that?” I do.  I just do.