more NaNoWriMo… (no edits)

Back at Vine Street, before going into tasting room.  And the assignment’s been submitted.  I think I may finally be rid of it.  And them, the growers.  So now, I focus on me, the Me I have to be in wine and as a writer.  Today as I said I’ll be on a hunter for dialogue, writing as much down as I can.. currently with no earphones so I can hear what people order and the conversations they hold but unfortunately I can’t hear much as the foaming and coffee and all other machines behind that bar obstruct.  “Goddamnnit,” I think, “don’t they know I’m trying to write either a novel or series of sketches?” Indeed I’m a selfish writer and professor, teaching the students the best way I think but who knows.  Well, I know, I think.  Brought a copy of Hemingway’s ‘Sun Also Rises’, left in the car as I wanted a moment or two to collect and meditate before a day of pouring.  Not sure how busy it’ll be, cold outside and the holiday’s approaching, didn’t seem Friday like many people were in town, many tourists anyway.  So what to do but walk around taste the wines make notes and be as crazy and poetic and different with wording as I can.  I guess that’s my brand, this wine writer form the Literary and academic world as non-academic but more a writer and speaker, sharer of ideas.. even with how some pourers disclose the blend breakdown, why? I have to ask.  Let the visitor experience the wine and add when asked, or necessary.  I see my wine story compiling and becoming more narrative, and more riddles in question, sweet inquiry, like “What wines am I going to taste today?” Or, “I wonder what this Zin’s like?” And that’s healthy, a Socratic and humble, humanist exploration of wine, and its words, what it narrates to me a narrative writer and page producer.

11:41.. should go to bank and deposit check.. get some cash, pay back the stash, what I’ve been taking these last few days before getting paid from JC and client.  The end vision, what will be brought to fruition: the label, the wines I make, how I speak about them and write them, and ask people what the wine is saying, and to perhaps try writing it.. had idea yesterday:

ITEM – Online courses on writing, wine writing, more onus-driven reading…

Not sure where to start, but I know how to share ideas in an educational context and I have my subject matter set.. so maybe now I develop, draw more, put it out there and see what courses draw in the way of clientele.. hmmm……..