NaNoWriMo excerpt, 11/15/15 (no edits)

…everything they see and see what that shows and teaches me about wine’s story and my place in it.

Been writing and editing all morning, but for them, not for me, but now everything’s for me and I see my words in the New Yorker and the NYTimes, and everywhere, submitted and self-published, best of both world and an entirely new world for me–  I’m stopped by the chapped lips condition, always happening around this time of year and it’s electrically annoying.  but what can I do but embrace it, part of the season and my Now, the immediacy around me.

ITEM – Short stories, 500-1,000 words.

Should I put together a collection or just write as I go, and about what?  Adjuncting.. wine?  Both?  A blend if you will?  What do I want to do–…