At Solano. 

The wind here is beyond impressive, and I’m so thankful that I was able to pull off a syllabus last minute.  All paperwork in order, for the most part.  Waiting on books, need parking pass, but other than that I’m a go, this 2nd day of the term.  Just sent some emails for mmc, posted to a client’s soc media acct, and I’m up, active, moving and alive with ambition, that same optimism of yesterday.  For day’s rest, I have planned speed work at gym, no more than 8 miles, if I even do that.  Then tonight, a piece for client 1 on a small producer.. or maybe another winery, also small, yes, but a little more well-known.  Then I want to go through some old pictures again, see if I can find some gems.

I of course failed at waking, 5AM call as I thought last night but Jackie and I were able to leave the house well before 8 this morrow.  And I sped over here and am still very much ahead of any schedule I idealized.  But then I think of how even further ahead I could have been had I risen at 5.  There’s always tomorrow, right?

The adjunct persists, having written three pages in the Comp Book yesterday and about to note a couple thoughts or observations here on this old-friend-campus of mine for day 2.  And my half-marathon, only 5 days away.  I’m at the weight I projected, now I just need one more run before Sunday, and I’ll be good for the 13.1.

With this surplus of time, I’ll breathe, meditate, write thoughts for the students.. questions and prompts and ideas for papers.. the books should be here soon so that’ll make it easy.

Checked bank acct, moved money around.  Not spending less I have to.  May need to start another blog for mmc, to exhibit samples and writings and other content.. but not going to move too quick on that, not just yet.