Ma Liste d’Envies

Noticed I dated yesterday’s entry wrong on blog, “3/18” rather than the obvious “8”.  Ran 3 IMG_7013miles this morning in Bennett Valley and now posting to blogs here in home.  Have coffee, mocha of 4 shots and I need a shower, then leave for SRJC campus.  Started to feel overwhelmed but then I just sat down and started writing, this 3rd day of the new term.  Getting in shower in 24 minutes.  Or before.  Waiting for this set of pictures to again upload but I’m not waiting that long, with too much to do.  Today in class, both 1A sections, a little writing and reading and discussion of terms and possibilities with the writings assigned.. sample topics perhaps and how to approach texts before even knowing the author.. let’s see, my thoughts going everywhere…..

Tired from run, only 3 but just the day after hitting 6.2 on tread.  Need to move slow today and–  The train!  A trial run I’m guessing on the tracks just on the other side of the houses across the street.  Loud, honking several long times, stretches calls that you wish would just end.  And they did.  As I was saying, I’ll move slow for the next few days, till Sunday when the ‘half’ lands.

Finally, the photos starting to “download”.  Hate technology but it’s part of what I do–  OH!  Have to email PR Sara….

Done.  And posted to client 2 blog.  Should be getting ready for shower, but I’m not ready to quit this sitting, not yet, not now.  The song that comes on from the Hutcherson station reminds me of those morning sessions in the K—- overflow lot where I’d type just minutes before going in, wondering if I’d get fired.  But now I’m free and in wine’s consistency the way I ought see.  Life now is a true life, with my family and my business, soon to be a family business, with Dad and Mom helping out where they can or wish, and Jackie helping in the mmc office once it’s secured, in Healdsburg.  Has to be Healdsburg.  But I have to work harder, write more, and wake fucking EARLIER!  This morning I was up just after 6, Alice taking an early shower the sounds pulling me from still, and Jackie having kicked me out of bed around 4 calling to me downstairs, me just waking up on the couch.

Thinking of that Pinot last night, the Sanglier “Café” bottle, a split actually.  Perfect amount for the writer, and perfect for my mood, now, starting this semester.  Early to bed tonight and another attempt at waking early in morrow.

Mom and Dad coming back from Sunriver today/tonight, and with that I think of where I want my vacation home, or homes.. Monterey for sure– no, Carmel, and I think a place in Montana.. want to photograph and write about the settings there.. and maybe an apartment in Paris.. wishlist fever.. wish wish wish– WISH.