Alice already

with her workout done, and me slowly rising.  Feel sloppy, slow, non-literary and undisciplined.  IMG_7022Tonight I don’t open wine, I go to bed early and rise even earlier than my wife for another of my early early runs.  Going to have the leftover pasta for carbs, buy some sparkling water on the way home, and off the writer goes..  So envious of her energy, you should see her with that little smile of hers just bouncing around the house.. that will be me tomorrow, tomorrow, and maybe all tomorrows!

My mood, sharp, low, sharklike, looking for any optimism to feed.

But I change my attitude as I have a business to build, this mmc project and all the prospective clients I have already– they need to see my dedication to brand and not just “Stroytelling” but true identity expansion and relevance and having that soaring luxury.. but how do we get there, one of the prospects asked.. and my answer: “We start writing.” And think that was a fine answer because it’s irrational to think anyone could have the panacea prepared– but maybe I should, just with a little research of their brand before the pitch and before any meeting.. fully excavate their tone and mission and purposefulness, with that high-altitude view– oh no the ideas come!  And I’m doing this basically on a ZERO budget.. but I don’t need to pay for my own thoughts.. that’s free overhead.. so clients won’t need to worry about me trying to recover those expenses.. just brainstorming now like I tell my students and I’m loving the freedom.. has to be this cinnamon latte thing I made– 

After work, go buy waters and start the real work for mmc and research the brands targeted.  All I need is between 30-50% of the leads to sign on, and I’m aloft.