Wine and Wellness, and Business, and Vision… For Family

IMG_6994Busy day most certainly!  With an excellent meeting with a prospective mmc client, to my 7.12 mile sprint on the treadmill, after feeling absolutely ZERO pain!  To making more contacts and advances for mmc.  I see and feel the idea building.  And tonight I further organize and brainstorm and calculate my vision, like the man this morning said, “Set a timeline.” For the first time in my life, I’m pretty sure, I see CLEARLY and with no qualifications, what I want.  And what I WILL have.  And it will be here sooner than I think..

Tonight I’ll finish the Pinot I opened last night and open that Merlot from Sanglier, more than likely write about it.  Time, 2:53.. still need to get in the shower and ready for class, and tonight’s session should be quite brief, as we’re only set to go over rough drafts and talk a bit more about Sedaris.

Need to write some fiction…  Was thinking while running on the tread that I need to write more fictionIMG_6989 and poetry, as that’s sure to make my “professional” writing for mmc more useful and marketable.  And me, who am I, the writer the runner the father the winelover the Literature addict.. just finally finding my grounding.  Walking around that Olivet vineyard and then the prospect’s garden, then looking out at the SB vineyard blocks, the Sémillon, thinking about growing and what it’ll become and what I’m finally becoming– I AM wine, I AM a varietal, a type, the only one.  Or maybe I’m just tricking myself.  I don’t think so.  This is just the high from an incredible day. Sipping this black cherry sparkling water, and hearing the fridge in its infernally thin metallic mumble, I see the brand, my brand, taking shape– the story, the “curtly explosive” (as I said this morning to the prospects) content and being I am, what I do, what I love.  And this is all for my family, for my children, and my presence here, with this new house and the drives to work– those I’ve done and will do–  That goddamn commute to Mendocino College, never again.  I’m going to have my story develop and expand as I see it doing so.

Alice upstairs, thought she was asleep but I hear her talking on the phone to someone.  She works so hard, my wife, and keeps going, never slows.  Look at her, doing what she loves and the only thing she’s willing to do, teach.  She’s never settled, she’s never compromised, she’s never surrendered.  And now, my rile.  My narrative and self-branding and eruption.

IMG_6992There was so much else I thought of on my run, but of course now I can’t summon a bit of it.  Running.. faster.. the interval approach.. and then, more poetry that I only now of course forget.  Story ideas and flash fiction pieces and directions for the Massamen novel.. of course!  But, now, nothing.  I just have to keep writing, turning the pages, building my brand.