Day, finally over.  No more

in me for writing or thinking.  Or wine.  No wine tonight, thankfully, and I’m only minutes from bed.  Already thinking of how amazing the sheets and pillows will feel.  Hoping Jackie sleeps, and I wake early to write.  Then driving to a winery in the morning, which I’m not convince I want to do– then back here to prep for class and work on the yrownjoy project.  The novel, again the toy truck project, that I take out at night, or early morning..

Nothing more in me.  Nothing.  I’m waking up early.  And writing.  And tonight, the first session, was far more than what I aimed for.. one student already saying “good class”.  Among other affirmations.  But I have to stay humble and can’t get too excited.  It’s only day 1.  Fine.  Then I’ll have 2 be more activated.  Then 3.  4.  5.  Consolidation…  The great consolidation is finally happening.