1st dream sketch

An ax, then a tree, and me just standing there. I don’t know how to chop a tree. So I just stand there, and then fog, then ants, then a squirrel, my Uncle Stevie talking to me making his usual jokes and then it’s lunchtime and Auntie Linda calls in my sister and I. Then they’re gone, and I walk around, looking for the cats; Callie, Spunky, Winston. But I can’t find them. Then thunder’s story, coming to their property; clouds purple grey blue black– I look over, left, at the view of the Three Sisters. “Let’s come inside, guys!” Linda yells to Katie and I. My sister asks what’s happening. Stevie tells about the coming thunderstorm, two times but with different wordings in each speech. We don’t know what that is, I mean we do but we’ve never seen one, or a REAL one. We go inside, I read a book, Auntie Linda makes chocolate cookies–
I wake, missing that time. Now I’m old. And I can’t return to that, ever. I try to go back to sleep to taste a little more of that time and the rain and the cookies and hear more of Uncle Stevie’s delirious jokings. But it’s gone, evaporated like the puddles from the storm, the next day.