MOCK SOMM: Porter Creek Winery, Russian River Valley/Sonoma County/Fiona Hill Vineyard, Pinot Noir, 2012

IMG_5714Emerson said “…poetry was written before all time was…” And this wine is immune to time, immune to worry, and a radiantly grandiloquent thesis in the grand punctuation of Pinot. Yes it’s poetic, most forwardly with its earthly and rustic, or dusty nose composition, but with the motion on the sensory, its initial palate push. This wine should come before a lot in our lives, certainly worry and preoccupation with any ingredient futile. I’m greeted by more richness of berry and versatile spice than some airy template of red– no, this Pinot which I just happened to stumble upon in an impetuous day tasting, an RRV lark, and ‘spellbound’ doesn’t encroach my truest of sentiments.
Okay, I’m over-thinking, maybe, comparing it to an Emerson utterance and thinkingIMG_5716 “yet another Pinot” in my latest Pinot practice and excavation. So, another facet to my ‘PC’ visit that left reverent impression would be the hospitality from Jonathan– Tasting Room Manager and universal renaissance man. He not only had his own magnetic tier of oeno-sagacity, but was friendly, not in anyway pretentious or self-aggrandizing, but simply nice, pleasant, and quite instructional with the surrounding Pinot blocks, the AVA and the winemaker’s insights and impulses with making this Pinot. This is something traditional somms tend to forget in their wine reviews, or feathery scorings.. yes I know, several of the wines are submitted to them as they’re so lofty and “read” (yeah right), cultured. But I know some of them visit the wineries, they have to, and rarely do I see a note of requital directed toward host.
IMG_5723But in any.. the Pinot. And its Poetic Principals, more than merely reverberant and echoing but its own inkling of palate instruction. Poe said, “I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of beauty.” And this ’12, a capsule and carrier of that thought… And then somms will say in their 20-word write-ups something like ‘Drink now until…’. I say, with this particular Burgundy translation, ‘now or whenever’. But don’t wait too long, it is a Pinot. But what’s “too long”? That’s just it, it’s all personal, and time.. time supervenes Poetry, and Life, not the contrary.
What a Pinot prize! Go get a case, soon! It’s small in bottled population.