I’ll be ready if

my knee starts to pain me at the gym.  Bringing swimming attire, which I haven’t used in whoknowshowlong.. more added to day’s list but I’m not writing it down, none of it(other than the items Alice instructed).. hoping to face my budget and money onhand head-on..  no spending foreshadowed today, so that will quite help the writer, bought coffee yesterday which I’ve already been into today but only one cup.. need two-to-three straight hours of writing, right here in the condo, on floor as I am.. Jackie finishes his waffles while I type, watches his Mickey Mouse cartoon, and I can’t wait to be on that treadmill, seven miles I’m hoping.  Really want to destroy that half-marathon in Santa Cruz.  Still regret downgrading from 26.2, but it’s for benefit, for sure at this point in my life and condition, Wellness..

7:49.. takeoff in 11 minutes.. wine for Mom and Dad also on list as I last night noted but I don’t see any tasting in my presence there, have to stay quick today, and wine only slows the writer.. was thinking of taking notes at Jackson’s on 4th and whatever after stopping by Schwab for house deposit.. maybe, just keep writing I tell myself–  Odd and frightening dreams last night; first, my email and other accounts social were infiltrated, sending attacking notes to everyone and everything connected to me; the next dream, I was driving with two other people (think one may have been my sister), and we witness a tremendous explosion.. “Is that a nuclear explosion?” one asked.  “I think it is,” the character I believe to be my sister said.  The connection’s obvious, I need minimize my usage of social media and tech and the internet.. just write as Kerouac did in Sur and when on the Road.. no laptops no cell phones not a device on my person holstered or handed.  That’s Peace, that’s Personhood (AH!  Return to this in 1B!!).  Now I see.  Not blinded anymore, not that I was, but I’m awake alive sightful.