Page 7, not 9

Short of page landing by 2.  And this entry, assured brevity.  Still tired even though I napped at least 90 minutes, earlier.  Tomorrow, a long run, hoping at least 10.  So no wine this evening.  Tomorrow, going to build the ideal day; running, writing, resting.. and nothing else.  No plans.  No lunch engagement with friends.  Nothing.

Wrote last line to novel.. just to try this method, which I think Joyce Carol Oates practices.. first line, last line, and title.  Then she begins the MS officially.  Slowly now sipping some sparkling orange water, my least favorite in the Crystal Geyser flight.  Tomorrow’s theme: Total Wellness.  Quietude and Equilibrium.  Already have my eye on another race, a half-marathon in July.. the Napa-Sonoma.

note — teaching blog, post tomorrow; letter and prompts, ideas, and the invitation to go see Sedaris speak at the Event Center.. lost in the lots to-do tomorrow, but not too lost.  Wellness.. and writing mySelf away from the adjunct cage.. novel, stories, my story and my LIFE, growth.. True Wellness.  TOTAL Wellness.

April 1st tomorrow.  New chapter in new notebook, or novel, or whatever ‘it’ is.