9:34. At home. Second breakfast sandwich and coffee.

And I feel amazing. Reborn, the word that keeps beaming and flashing and screaming to and at me! Tempted to go to sleep but I refuse.. I sit up straight on the couch and I enjoy the reality that I’ve taken care of all business that I needed to; emailed two people, left voicemail for that lady, and call the PC tech people to tell them the computer’s acting odd, not letting me play the Big Sur film on the Netflix sight. So now, I can write, further enjoy the day, my day, my new day! When back from PC I’ll come home and run, then shower, then write some more, organize.. going to build this “war map”, if you would, on the desk upstairs, a single sheet of paper outlining my plan. Such Art and Love about me today– people who don’t read and write and teach won’t get it. And I don’t need Them to, frankly. No ill will, just honesty. So I write on, and the idea for the 1B lecture: Reaction. Reaction to stimuli, a lack thereof, and how we all react differently. I’ve always found that interesting and compelling, provocative, how the entire Human Race, collectively and individually, is a progressing contrast! The evil, the good; the day, night; right, wrong.. left, then right. Up, down, smile and frown– it’s all around us, and Duluoz is emboldened as well as eclipsed by his own inner-difference, duality.. I’ll get more into this in session, but for now: I enjoy. The music, more of my good friend Bobby H. “What I really want…” Not much of a matter of want, so much as it is NEED. And I feel the tired come back. “Go away, you bastard!” I think, yell internally. But that’s just the new ME that I’m not yet completely used to. Salvador Dali said.. “There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he’s sane. I know I am mad.” I’ll offer this as well today, I’m hoping… 90 minutes sounds like a lot of time, but, 1, it’s really only 1hr20min I have to teach, and, 2, it’s not a lot of time, even if I did have the full 90. Especially with how I instruct.. fast and furious, as Kim Hester-Williams once pointed out in an evaluation. Want to call one more place, but I’ll do that when I pass 500 words. Again, tired, and the exhaustion is fighting this caffeine and any effect it might have like a wronged lion. My thoughts go Cubist and I’m all over the place, like jazz is intended to be and my mood grows an extra wingset and flies away with me, but up, up, no more down! I look Jackie’s toys, all around me, and the ascension becomes more robust and radicalized! Have to go out to the Car to get the Comp Book– need notes from last session to write plan for today’s.. I’ll ground myself in five sentences, the narrated ones from Duluoz.. and go from there. Simplicity! That’s brilliant, radiant! EXPOSITORY! It crystalized and dashes with MY story.