3:14. Back from run. A little over 5 miles.

Tired, all I can say as to how I’m feeling. On the run, and I thought this on Summerfield approaching Montgomery, I wasn’t as physically depleted as I was mentally, and I thought “running is 90% mental afterall.” Many times, on Yulupa, after the Hoen intersection, I thought about walking, just settling for 4-point-something miles, today just wasn’t my day I was prepared to rationalize. But no. I maintained and continued back to my front door, completing what I used to refer to as the ‘Big Daddy’ run. The weather outside, strangely gorgeous, like mild summer, low 70s. First run with the new shoes Alice bought me and another usage of the Garmin Alice bought me for xmas. Only’ve used it a handful of times, but I was so pleased I put into wall for charge before leaving for PC. So light, many times I forget it’s there on my right wrist, till it chirps at me (had the lap and pace functions set). Running with that goddamn iphone.. more than a pain. And it’s a timecleaver, mincing and beating my times into something I don’t like.
Front door open, secondary door with small metal holes closed. I see outside, feel breezes, hear cars.. lovely day, as I told my wife over the phone. I’ll get in the shower in a bit, as I have to get the little Beat, but now, for right now, this singular moment, I want to meditate, where I am, on this couch where I wrote this morning. Need another sip of this sparkling water, lemon.. now a bit hungry.. not enough time in day for anything, even with as much time as I now have.
Out of the shower and I should rush down the street to get the little Beat but I need this jazz to further charge me. Loud motorcycle growling down Yulupa, I’m distracted then focused on this writing and this sitting and the new path, the new Mike. My agenda for tomorrow is to organize, clean, write, plan the semester, market Self to colleges, and stay locked in this home office, throw away any trivial object– kill all clutter! No wine tonight which means I’ll remain alive and focused on my observations and pages and this project as it starts its closing measures. Have to post a bit to teaching blog tonight, I’ll do that later, after returning with Jack. I should get in a short run tomorrow, around 3 or 4 miles. Then Sat try to hit something like 7. Then for Sunday come back down in count. Just found what I was looking for on this bloody cluttered evil laptop thingdevice.. the latest edition of my teaching CV, and some cover letter shape.. oh I have so many ideas for what’s next in the classroom.. I’ll walk around the house tonight while Jack and I are hangin’ out downstairs with my Comp Book, and just list ideas, neatly and some angle of order, who knows what that’ll look like knowing me, right?
Tired from run but I have to keep going. Maybe a coffee before getting little Kerouac, yes that’s sounds like a famous idea especially for all I have planned to be written this evening, and all the notes and the highlighting of paragraphs in the texts.. and I’ll break the classes up, my plans for them that is, into “time cups”, for example 7-7:03, welcome and share article; 7:03- 7:10, ask students what they think. The semester has so far started incredibly strong, but one shortcoming for me is the linearity of time and points I want to hit. So tonight I’ll practice with the Comp Book notes.