Computer slow this morning, 10/3, coffee cued and Jackie sits next to me on the couch.  Yesterday was just as bland as I projected.  Took a couple notes on guests and what I feeling at one point but that’s about all.  And this morning, I’m relieved to know I’m just “TR”, no special assignment no feeling like a waiter/servant, and no unneeded layers.

Woke not at desired time.  I need to commit to that time, 4:30.. and just rise when’s time.  Jack woke a bit after 1AM, and I came downstairs after he invaded our sanctum.  And I went to sleep, why?  So tonight, early to bed after run.  and SET YOUR ALARM.  That’s the problem, I just hope I wake at the time, the time I want and time I need to have my early morning Jack London sessions.  Jackie devours his waffle and I have to get his second, I need more words, ones different and distinct, odd to the not-visited reader.  The story of today: write, dodge guests as much as you can– note everything as I have been doing; where people are from, the wines, what harvest is yielding in the way of material– what stood to me yesterday and really punctuated itself on my perception’s page were the colors, all autumnal, and telling me to wrap up my tenure in the wine world, it’s over, and I need to end it with the teaching, expand to the high school classroom and never look back, but still have a couple sections each semester at SRJC, or SSU.  Mendo will have to go given the distance and the time it takes away from little Kerouac.

Bringing Wolff to work with me, and I’ll go over his paragraphs at lunch, in the car, and if it’s hot then I’ll go to the park– in fact why don’t I plan on doing that anyway.  I’ll sit at the bench, write and type and read.. or I could just walk out to the patio (assuming the yellow jackets aren’t to barbaric in their flight patterns) and read, note in margins and transfer later.  Let the text write my lectures, reactions and activities, discussion directions.

Haven’t written any verse in a while.  Maybe this morning, to my mocha, the first in days.  Only one cup here in base, as I need to be less fueled when leaving, want the Zen swirl to charm and motivate and center me– what’s best for the writer, at least a writer with my Literary shape.  And that’s what will pull me away from the time clock forever, allow me to really live.  9 days till ‘half’ in Healdsburg.  Just told Jackie we have to leave in 10.  He shines me on, ignores me like I’m a groupie or some journalist trying to get a statement.  Maybe I’m both.  He works on yet another waffle.  The first I set down I tore into halves, he didn’t agree with that so I gave him the one I cooked for myself.  So that’s three for the little champ.  7:42, should start packing, make sure I have everything I need.  Laptop, Comp Book, Wolff…  there.  Think I’m done.  And Jackie is too.   “Dada… full…  I full…” Love my little best friend, for as long as the wheels revolve.