Going to cold-call a couple of schools today, private I think mostly, and introduce myself.. also, look into cred program at SSU.. maybe even give them a call, see if I can get in, or if they’re accepting apps and what have.  Second cup of coffee and I’m typing like a locomotive, like these trains on Jackie’s cartoon.  Breakfast burrito this morning, sparkling water, no mocha, and this’ll be the second A.M. in a row of no morning Mike Mocha.  And it’s a boon, as it saves money of course.

Contacted two writer friends, Amber and Dav, for material for whoso.  At first I have reservations about working with other writers, publishing their works, but I want to be in the presence of as many writers and Artists as I can.  And Mr. Dav is a shape-changing expressionist, with his dark but warming photographic modes, that always impress and inspire me.  Jackie comes up here, to the couch, sits next to me saying “Dada.. Dada!” He just wanted to be near me.  This day will be more than “good”.  It’ll be mine.  In the res’ room, which I absolutely loathe, haven’t been in there in months, but I’m going to make it mine, and not take it at all seriously like some do.  What’s to take seriously?  It’s wine.  It’s supposed to be fun, as someone from the third floor said, so I’ll make it mine and make it fun and make it writing material, something for whoso more than likely.  I’m noticing value to my split in character; teacher/writer/journalist/wine person– but I only like wine, like to drink it, I’m not pursuing its career possibilities, as there are none, NONE, that interest me.  But either way, Mike M has different dimensions and arenas that he could, can, use for pages.. like Kerouac and his character Duluoz.  Don’t want to leave this couch, just want to have a day, just one, one FULL day with my little best friend.  Next year this will all be different.  Going to rebuild my teaching practice just as Alice BUILT hers– by devotion and consistency and constant involvement and investigation of possibility, possibilities specific.  I remember something my uncle Tim said to me, when he graduated from his credential program, years ago of course, before I was born: “I didn’t care if they were packing guns, I just wanted a job.” And that mentality will be somewhere layered in mine– and my lessons will be new and unique and challenging to the students; VISUAL.  (7:43AM)