8/25/14: 2

Between 1A’s. So far today I give myself an A-/B+. Why? I think I could have been a little more inventive with the morning sessions in how I brought them to life. The first 1A, just ended, easily my strongest performance of the day. Again, this could be my starvation talking, but I’m rather level, surprisingly, I think. I sip a mocha, two shot, small, from the … café on campus. Had to switch seats, where I was my screen was visible with passers from two entrances. Now, my back to a bookshelf. I will see an invader from this perch. And at home tonight, relax. I have to take time for me, little Jack, Ms. Alice. Would love to go for a 3 miler tomorrow morning. I could knock that out easily in less that 30, so why not.
Another criticism of my performance today is how much I’m carrying around. I need to be lighter. And, technically, I’m not supposed to be carrying this laptop from the condo (my rule, right after turning 35.. not sure I said so or wrote so in such specific words but the idea was definitely delivered). I had papers handed in today, the first wave, shorter reactions, of the semester. So that made my bag of more gravity and strain on my scribbling skeleton. I’ll grade one from each class tonight, so 4 total. and that’s it. Oh how I can’t wait to be home.. sip a little sparkling and ease into the couch.. not sure I’ll write tonight but I will get those four papers graded, just to tell Self I started. So what.. now… 5:20 on clock. I have to be more religious, if that’s the word I want to apply–don’t know but it’s what comes to mind– about transferring all the classnotes that I don’t type, from the Comp Book. Like, “What does it mean from something to be ‘composed?’, I asked the morning sessions, as the course title is something like Reading and Composition, or College Composition. Interesting, feel like ‘Composition’ is a word so loosely thrown around in college, like everyone has the same meaning and there’s no ambiguity. If that’s so, then why is there ever disparity with grading, or group grading, or rubric. Why does there need to be rubric panels, isn’t there a ‘One Way’? Again the hunger talks louder than me. Sip… Look left, down, behind me, under a desk, Computer atop, and there’s a box of books, and the box is an old Lagunitas IPA box, for I believe a 24 pack. That sounds good, too. I need time to live, not write, not teach or pour wine, just live, enjoy a day with Jack and Alice– which I believe comes this coming Monday with Labor Day. Oui oui! Just what the Mike Madigan of New needs!
6PM section next. Thus far, they’ve been very lively, easy and conversational. I feel like we’re on the same vessel; at the end of the day, tired, hungry, wanting to see family so let’s make quick use of time and avoid difficulty, have all be oceanic in rhythm.

detail: adjunct in mail room battling copy machine, seems that thing always breaks down and at the most horrible of times right before something’s due or some crucial lecture has to be given, “Shit!” I just heard her say, now she slams compartments on its surface and sides and interior, “Goddamnit…” she said, slamming something and walking away– I don’t blame her. “This is so ridiculous.” And just when she thinks she fixed the problem or the machine’s on her side it turns. Horror for her and gem for my fiction, my journal, I win.