wait until

10:08PM.  At home.  Thinking about tomorrow and how ill-prepared I am, right now, not lying, and my first impulse is to vituperate the industry and where I spend nearly 40 hours a week, away from Ms. Alice and little Kerouac, but I won’t.  Running Th-Su, quite committed.  Minimum of 5 miles each day.  Tomorrow morning I have to wake at 5, or earlier, so alarm’s set.  Doing things different now.. I thought today about what I want to change–  Never did write or rather type those ’35 Laws’.  But I know where to find them, I think.  One of them was less tech.. so tomorrow I will only write in the Comp Book– except for the morning where I have to type the day’s lesson plan.  And on that note I have to send three plans to the SSU chair.. think that’s my official target, SSU, my alma’.  Be like professor Coleman, tenured without a PhD.  He was tenacious, and he caught what he sought.  Cheers, Bob!

note:  write Lela vignettes tomorrow, each between 115 & 199 words, don’t touch 200, and write at least 3 of them..