Nearly didn’t make it to the table, here in the nook, because of laziness, the idle after a long day, and a run that only disappointed me.  Haven’t edited a single bloody page of the Spring ’14 Semester novel.  I’ll start tomorrow morning, re-writing as I go along, but not too much.  Have to write my writer friend tonight, at some point.  OR maybe tomorrow morning.  Sipping sparkling berry water, not a drop of wine nor beer this evening, so I’m assured wellness of sleep.  And tomorrow morning, only making progress on the novel.  NOVEL NOVEL NOVEL–  I can’t afford to publish a novel.  Okay, then 81 pages of fiction.. should be in the area of 40,000 words.  That’s a short, short novel.  Definitely a novelette, maybe even a novella– who cares.. it’s 80 pages of fiction, my fiction!  And it’s self-published, all of it.  It’s all mine.  Not butchered by some New York house.

Went tasting today at lunch, at Naked Wines, an interesting collective of various labels, styles, even countries.  I walked away with a big blend (all five Bordeauxs with a lick of Syrah) and a South African Cab.  Who knows when I’ll open them, either, maybe one tomorrow night, as a nightcap after Alice’s and my dinner out.  In complete winemaking mode, wanting to know everything about grapes and how they’re transformed into an occasion-shaper.  I’m making something this vintage, I just don’t know what.  And I don’t know where I’m getting the fruit and where I’m storing it.  Might consult a winemaker friend of mine down the street from work, a nice guy who used to own a construction company and began his winemaking career in his garage, entering his bottles into amateur winemaking contests, tastings, events and whatever.  Much I love teaching and the students, there’s more fiction in wine, how people react to it; the smiles, the questions (even the stupid ones); I want it all, I want to observe it all as a result of something I bottled.  I’ve started setting aside some cash, separate from the self-publishing account.. thinking the writing, this first release of poetry and a little prose will help launch this ’14 vintage for me, I hope.  Today in the tasting room, a group of 4, all ladies from different zones in the country, tasting through both flights– two did the regular tasting, the others the reserve.  They seemed to like everything I poured, buying a couple bottles, but they all, especially the lady to the far left, were so careful, nearly frightened to talk about what they experienced taste-wise.. “I don’t know if this is a wine word, but it’s really thick, and just yummy.  I know I must sound like a total novice now…” I assured her that she knew as much as anyone else, in that she needed to trust her taste, and feel comfortable in what she liked.  As that’s what it will always come to: would you buy this bottle?  Would you serve it at a dinner, a gathering, or even sip it when you get home from work?