Was in a mood, but now I’m out. Sipping one of the Lagunitas Ales, then bed. Want to wake early. Could have started writing early this morning, around 4:40-something, when Jackie woke, but I elected more sleep. Shame, but I was set on writing in that small Annadel lot.

Nothing to report today, from res’ room. Not a single bite of gratuity, but I don’t expect much from club members, or new club members like the last visitor set. So divorced from the industry, it’s funny. Should be posting to teaching blog tonight, but I’m too tired. Bottom line: English 5 Final: a creative piece illustrating their change as a character; highlighting growth, evolution, discovery. ‘100’: A paper on Gatsby, on why it’s so relevant today, or any other direction they wish to take it in.

Could I teach Poe for ‘100’, over the summer? No. It’s too much. And I don’t want to soil my joy with Poe in such a rushed, confrontational corner, which is just what a summer ‘100’ is.

Wrote a short piece of fiction today, in my little notebook. Won’t type it now, but I will tomorrow morning, should I wake early enough. Objects… The umbrellas on the front patio, at winery; always afraid there’re bats hiding in them, and that they’ll fly out right before or after opening; the ’13 SB.. could sip it all day, and would by a pool in Miami– My sister, about to go on a torrential road trip.. need to tell her to write me, give me details for C——’s sake.

I’ve decided to drop the New Yorker aim. Just going to publish Self.. this will be, as well, part of my acclaim, or appeal, distinguished dent as a writer. And this beer loses its glimmer. Time for sleep. Hoping the Craft lets me wake at the Hemingway hour. For more poems– CHALLENGE TO SELF: 3 standalone poems. IF I do wake that early.

(4/17/14, 9:52PM)