Stress Picture Chances

8:58pm.  Sent 3 poems to 2River, an online publication.  Going to start a handwritten submission chart.  As I know if I place it here, on the monster, it’ll be lost.  Notice that’s been the trend.  Had a glass of an ’08 blend with dinner, just poured Self 2nd.  Need this additional pour, as now the waiting begins, with submission/s.  But that’s the aspect I have to learn to embrace.  It’s part of the game, and I want to play the game.  And each of these submission packets will stand as their own project.  Shopping these 3 poems.. where should I go next?  Just look through the P&W directory.  Of Lit Mags.

Wrote a bit in the Safeway parking lot, today’s A.M., a couple hundred words to a piece of fiction I thought up while driving to Lisa’s, to drop off little Kerouac.  And my chapbook, sent to press tomorrow.  Fail none.  So tonight, I believe I’m entitled to a freewrite.

Tomorrow:  1) Grade 1A ‘Glass Castle’ papers, 2) Send chapbook to print.  And I think that’s it.  Wish I had time to stop at casino, simply observe the stage that exists in those new walls.  I know there’re characters there.  The casino’s an element, any casino mind you, that I know not even a little.  Went to Reno with Chris in ’02, then to Vegas in ’03.  And that’s all.  The limit of my casino familiarity.  I just think: vice, vice, vice.  And I’ll be there, the spying writer.  What do I expect to see?  Gamblers.  Skilled, and those aimlessly addicted.

Getting tired.  And I’m not sure why.  Today was torturously slow.  Helped a couple people.  Day’s other portions, starting and finishing a poem behind counter.  Gave 2 cave tours, which grow more redundant each time I escort a group into that hill.  Highlight: after clocking out, watching three friends press their grapes, Grenache and Carignane, the same bins I punched down with Sam.  And he’s one of the winemakers, of this particular project.

This wine I’m sipping tonight, lovely feel and flavor arrangement. It’s been oxygen-exposed for a bit over an hour.  So I can only speculate what’ll show in coming minutes.  2014, I will make another barrel or 2.  IF I had my wishes met, what would I produce?  two reds.  Merlot, Cab.  Done.  […]  Chocolate cherry, vanilla on finish; raspberry, maybe a little black licorice and espresso.  Mindful tannins, admirably assimilated into pervading body.  Love this wine.  But then again, I love ’08, so maybe I’ve already sold self on loving it before I sipped.  But that’s not true!  I remember tasting this, during a tasting upon which I embarked during lunch one day, with a nameless friend, and buying a bottle only after nosing what was poured.  I bought before “officially” tasting.  So glad I did.  Perfect writing wine, I think.  Just in its poetic nature.  The poem I wrote today, should be typed tonight.  Not tomorrow.  Want it to have page-home.  And I want it submitted.  Immediately.